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Playing Cool Girl Roulette. What we did with the game was just the same that we had with other games. We played, enjoyed or not really enjoyed, examined it and just made our opinion. This is a game you can find at freegames4rest.com

So, Cool Girl. We expected to see something really cool. But the graphics and the design disappointed us. There are three girls, drawn really poorly, and one of them is a mirror reflection of the other one. It is really interesting how they combined the naked girls, planets, some kind of green plant and some decorations at the corners. But let us not forgot about a snake and a statue of a woman on a roulette turret.

If it is possible to understand the combination of the girls and a snake, so why does the snake want to eat that statue? Well, let us leave this matter and come back to software.

It is very useful that there are roulette rules written, which you can read and remember in few minutes.

The layout is European and it is very handy to look at it, as it is vertical. Also, if you want to place your bet, there will be a pop-up info about a bet you are going to make and the possible payouts. It is really nice to see, which numbers are covered by the bet you are making, if it is an outside one.

You can also manage the music and the sounds. The music is easy and stimulating, not relaxing.

This game is actually simple to play. You can see five previous winning numbers. In the left top corner you can read the winning number and the information, whether you won or not - it's as easy as listening to winning numbers for bingo games.

There are different chips units, starting from 1 cent to 10 000 dollars. You can add money to your balance just by clicking on a "dollar" sign.

It is a pretty entertaining game but you can also try other games, where you can actually win some cash, like Roulette 1.0 or Video Roulette 1.01.

If you want to enjoy the free of charge fun, you can also try Egyptian roulette, design of which impresses a lot.



Roulette layout is one of the most important parts in the roulette learning you are to know and be able to take advantage of.

European or American, American or European? Which one to choose. You better learn before making bets.

Roulette as a game

This game is very alluring, as there are so many people around, who tried at least ones. But not all won.

The trick of this game is called chance. Once your destiny decides to make you its rich pet, you will be one.

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Roulette Tools

There are so many ideas on the winning the game of roulette that the head starts spinning from that. It is better to filter all the incoming info in order to keep your cash and to win more in the future.

Smart Thoughts

Ready for some pieces of useful advice? Always listen to advice of the experienced bettors but always check it before applying, as the circumstances may vary.


If you think that roulette cheating can bring to 35/1 winning, you are kinda off way. You should realize that roulette now and ten years ago are two completely different things.