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There are so many themes in many games. The roulette game is not an exception. Sometimes we are tired of looking at the same picture. The only thing that changes is the position of the wheel: either it is a right or left corner. There are different developers, who make various types of software. Among them is Cryptologic and PlayTech.

Here we are going to consider the Egyptian variant. We will go through the sands of time and find ourselves in a company of two women, who are kinda looking at the roulette wheel and blink from time to time. We see a nice picture. There are even clouds moving.

We pick the denomination of the chip, which can be $0.01 up to $10 000. We can also add money to our bankroll. Every time, when we want to place the bet, a small window pops up with the information, if you already put a bet there and the possible payment in the bet.

After you push "Spin" and the winning number comes up, another window pops up with the information, which number won, color. If you won, it says, "Congratulations, you have won $...." If you lost, it says "You have loss $..."

Here comes a weird thing. The colors on the layout are not right. The numbers 1, 5, 14, 19 and 23 are supposed to be red, while they are black. The numbers 10, 13, 20, 22, 33 and 35 are supposed to be black but they are red. It is very confusing, while in the winnings it says the correct color.

The other thing is that the wheel spins very slow, it is a bit annoying. It seems that it has to spin just a little bit faster at least to make impression that it has an average speed.

Although the developers messed up the colors, the game is very interesting and unusual. It is worth trying, if you do not care about the colors or if you are colorblind.

Definitely, you can try other variants, like Roulette 1.0, which is classic one.



Roulette layout is one of the most important parts in the roulette learning you are to know and be able to take advantage of.

European or American, American or European? Which one to choose. You better learn before making bets.

Roulette as a game

This game is very alluring, as there are so many people around, who tried at least ones. But not all won.

The trick of this game is called chance. Once your destiny decides to make you its rich pet, you will be one.

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Roulette Tools

There are so many ideas on the winning the game of roulette that the head starts spinning from that. It is better to filter all the incoming info in order to keep your cash and to win more in the future.

Smart Thoughts

Ready for some pieces of useful advice? Always listen to advice of the experienced bettors but always check it before applying, as the circumstances may vary.


If you think that roulette cheating can bring to 35/1 winning, you are kinda off way. You should realize that roulette now and ten years ago are two completely different things.