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Give yourself a chance

Playing individual numbers in casino roulette is a fantastic opportunity to win big off just a small stake. The odds on each of the 37 numbers is 35/1. Therefore for just a £1 stake, you can land £36.

However, the reason why the odds are so long is because they reflect your chances of winning. If you are playing only one or two numbers, you need a lot of luck to go your way. In order to give yourself a better chance, it is probably wiser to choose more selections, even if it means reducing your stake on them.

The temptation in roulette is to keep adding more numbers to your armoury on the table. The problem here is that with each number you include, your cost goes up, and as a result, if you do hit a winning selection, your profit is reduced.

The aim should always be to get the balance right between allowing yourself the best opportunity to be successful and ensuring the profit is very rewarding for your return. If you are happy though just to show a small return you may want to but the odds more in your favour.

A lot of people choose to play eight numbers per spin. Therefore if your chip stake per number is 0.50p, your total cost would be £4. If any one of the eight selections was to be pulled out of the draw, your return would be £18. That gives you a nice profit of £14.

If you are finding it difficult to make it play on individual numbers, you do have the option to choose one of the outside bets which can give you just less than half the wheel in your favour. These only return even money but you will taste the thrill of winning a lot more with these selections.




Roulette layout is one of the most important parts in the roulette learning you are to know and be able to take advantage of.

European or American, American or European? Which one to choose. You better learn before making bets.

Roulette as a game

This game is very alluring, as there are so many people around, who tried at least ones. But not all won.

The trick of this game is called chance. Once your destiny decides to make you its rich pet, you will be one.

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Roulette Tools

There are so many ideas on the winning the game of roulette that the head starts spinning from that. It is better to filter all the incoming info in order to keep your cash and to win more in the future.

Smart Thoughts

Ready for some pieces of useful advice? Always listen to advice of the experienced bettors but always check it before applying, as the circumstances may vary.


If you think that roulette cheating can bring to 35/1 winning, you are kinda off way. You should realize that roulette now and ten years ago are two completely different things.