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Pick your roulette book, enjoy and apply advice

Talking about roulette means talking about roulette. A bit twisted? Well, we cannot do anything about it. But if you continue reading, you will understand that we are examining the roulette books. Here are some books that you might like and might need.

Here is our hit-parade of the roulette books:

Roulette Secrets Revealed by John C. Steele

The book is written by a guy, who seems to be a good money manager. He also is talking about his strategy that he supposes is a winning one. You can try it, but you should remember that it is better to try it on a free online roulette. I liked his phrase about bankroll, when you are winning and want to stay longer. Some players say, "I'll quit when I make another $100." In reality this game is really tricky. You were winning few moments ago and the fortune might turn away from you just for some time, you start losing and try to make up for it. Instead of saying "winning another…" you should say, "I'll quit when I lose another $100." See the difference? Stick to it.

Beating the Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo by R.T. Barnhart

The book starts with a story, which is now old as world. It is about cheaters, who broke the bank of many casinos in the world at the end of XIX century. The reason, why they won, was that they took advantage of the biased wheels.

So, the author is not that person, who would convince you that there is a "winning" roulette strategy. He emphasizes on the biased wheels. Of course, if you are going to gamble online, it won't bring you much luck. What you can keep in mind is that not all the software is perfect, there are biases in software too, which you can notice and use.

Roulette Odds and Profits. The Mathematics of Complex Bets by Catalin Barboianu

The author offers a book, where he suggests making complex bets instead of plain ones. He tells that all the strategies are failing in a long run. He offers to try making these strange at first sight bets. And he is covering different layouts, which is pretty handy.

The author shows the math side of the roulette game, not the "believe-it-or-not". It is a set of the complex bets, combined with odds.

Spin Roulette Gold by Frank Scoblete

That is the professional in his field. He is just a guru of the roulette game. Frank Scoblete is famous in the gambling world. He does not say a word about the winning strategies, he offers to take a look at the biased wheels. You might not need it in the online roulette, but his experience may inspire you on looking for other interesting points.

If you are playing live roulette, you can apply the Chameleon strategy. Its point is in looking at the people, who keep winning and placing the bets on the same numbers or sectors. Funny, but can work out!



Roulette layout is one of the most important parts in the roulette learning you are to know and be able to take advantage of.

European or American, American or European? Which one to choose. You better learn before making bets.

Roulette as a game

This game is very alluring, as there are so many people around, who tried at least ones. But not all won.

The trick of this game is called chance. Once your destiny decides to make you its rich pet, you will be one.

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Roulette Tools

There are so many ideas on the winning the game of roulette that the head starts spinning from that. It is better to filter all the incoming info in order to keep your cash and to win more in the future.

Smart Thoughts

Ready for some pieces of useful advice? Always listen to advice of the experienced bettors but always check it before applying, as the circumstances may vary.


If you think that roulette cheating can bring to 35/1 winning, you are kinda off way. You should realize that roulette now and ten years ago are two completely different things.