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Martingale or D'Alembert, which is better?

Many different betting systems come from the variation of the Martingale system when betting on online Roulette and the D'Alembert system is no different. The D'Alembert system was created and named after the French mathematician Jean le Rond d'Alembert and is centred around his mathematical theory.


The reason it is often considered a variation of the Martingale system is that it is similar in the way it is based around step by step increasing or decreasing the size of the bet placed. The idea around the system is that you add or subtract a unit after each bet. It's a very simple process, if the player loses the bet, they must add a unit to their next bet and if they win they take away a unit from their next bet. This variation seems to deal with the issue of reaching the table limit, something that is criticised about using the Martingale system. The only way to reach the table limit would be to start off with a low bet, if you begin with a higher number of units in the first bet.


The principle that makes the D'Alembert system more attractive to players is that if the number of wins equals the number of losses in a cycle, the player's net gain equals the number of wins. A more aggressive approach would be for the player to continuously increase or decrease their unit of bets by 2 each time and thus double their net gain.


As customary to these systems there is also a reverse D'Alembert system. It is as the name suggests the exact system with the idea reversed, so using this system the player will add one unit to the next bet after each win and deduct after a loss. This comes with a warning though, that it can be tough for even the most seasoned roulette table players to realise when to cash out on a winning streak so tread carefully.


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